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Our web designers smoothly integrate your ideas and materials with our technology. Our designers will create page layouts that convey the style and image of your company while conveying the information you want to reach your customers. Total Network Solutions' production team manages the development of your site to ensure that it is on-line, on time. We maximize the speed of delivery while preserving the integrity of the layout and images.

Our design team will enhance your company's identity on the Web and optimize the benefits of your presence. Our goal is to stimulate interest and encourage repeat visits.

"Introductory" Web Site                                                $500.00

A Small Graphic of Company Logo
A Paragraph of Company Discription
Company Address, Phone, Fax Numbers
Email Hyperlink

"Bronze" Web Site                                                         $850.00

Five Graphics of Company Products
Five Paragraph of Company Discription
Two pages of Products Listing
On-line Order Form
Company Address, Phone, Fax Numbers
Email Hyperlink

"Silver" Web Site                                                           $1500.00

Ten Pictures of Company Products
Ten Paragraphs of Company Discription
Five pages of Products Listing
On-line Order Form
Numerical Counter Placed on Home Page
Company Address,Phone, Fax Numbers
Email Hyperlink

"Gold" Web Site                                                             $2500.00 - $3,500

Multiple Graphic and Text
Two On-line Order Forms
Mulltiple pages of Products Listing
On-Site Statistical Monitoring
Downloadable Files from Home Page
Any Type of Multimedia File
Address, Phone, Fax Numbers
Email Hyperlink

All-inclusive packages which include: 

FREE initial consultation & monthly site updates
Domain name registration services

Advanced features:

Animated & 3D graphics
Music (MIDI and CD)

Voiceovers or other sound
JavaScripted clickable buttons
Scanned Photos/Logos
Secure Server
Shopping Cart

Limitations & Requirements:

All text must be supplied by customer in ASCII format. All graphics must be supplied by customer in electronic format.
Client is responsible for InterNIC fees
Custom CGI, or JavaScript programming is extra
Client must provide any design instructions prior to commencement of work. Further changes billed per current rates.

Fees & Charges:

InterNIC Domain Registration
HTML Work: $50/hr.; CGI Work: $65/hr.

Marketing & Promotion:
           After creating your sensational website, we follow through by letting the world know how to find it. We will link your site to over 20 Internet best known search engines for FREE.   People interested in your company's products and services will be able to connect directly to your website.

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