T&L TAKES THE LEAD At T&L Printing, we strive to deliver the best quality and service to your business backed by our state-of-the art equipment and the solutions to your print demand. Our 21st century business strategy is simple: provide the best results, on time, with exceptional quality, efficiency, and value. As one of the leading offset printing company in Orange County, we blend the values of hard work, integrity, and craftsmanship with premier technology.

Our core values are fostered by quality people who upheld the dignity of honest labor, the nobility of craft, and the excellence of fine products. Most customers view us as friendly, knowledgeable, and creative professionals to work with. We are dedicated, responsive, down-to-earth, and driven to perform. Our culture promotes consistency, precision, accountability and reliability.

We achieve customer satisfaction through our diligent and hard work. We communicate with our customers often. We our keep promises and never miss a deadline. We teach, consult, and share knowledge of the printing or pre-press areas. We build lasting win-win relationships. We work hard and smart around the clock to elevate performance. And we truly believe that our customers’ success is our success.